Boat Insurance

Do I need Boat Insurance?

The easy answer is yes. Even though boat insurance is typically not required by law, it is highly recommended that you have your boat covered.

Keep in mind that boats and boat repairs are not cheap and there are inherent risks to operating a boat that can be offset by a solid boat insurance policy.That’s where Inland Northwest Insurance can help. We offer a wide range of boat insurance options for customers in the Spokane Valley. Because boat insurance is typically optional, your policy can be highly customizable. Generally speaking, boat insurance coverage categories include:

  • Liability – covers cost related to bodily injury and property damage suffered by others in a boating accident you may cause
  • Boat Coverage – Collision, Comprehensive, and On water towing
  • Medical Coverage - helps with the cost related to injuries you may suffer in a boat crash.

If you own a boat, them you’re most certainly aware of the financial commitment involved. Boats require maintenance and care, its an investment that should be protected. Avoid the cost of repairs or your assets being put at risk in a potential lawsuit. Give us a call and we can help tailor the perfect policy for you boating needs.